afghan hijab

Afghan Hijab

Afghan Hijab Hijab is a head covering or a head to toe covering worn by Muslim women. when amongst men other than that of their immediate family members such as fathers, brothers, or husbands. During the Taliban regime, women in… Read More »Afghan Hijab

Afghanistan national cricket team

Afghanistan cricket team

Worldcup 2019 Afghanistan national cricket team recently ended its 2019 World Cup journey in  with a series of impressive performances, filling Afghans at home with joy. they ended up in 10th position, but even that was satisfying for Afghan cricket… Read More »Afghanistan cricket team

afghan election 2019

afghan election 2019

Afghan Election 2019 the first stage of afghan election 2019 has been ended. there are still lots of more stages to go as the runners up team claimed that the election was not fair. according to the results President Ashraf… Read More »afghan election 2019

Watan Chat mobile app

Watan chat has released the First Mobile app for Android users ! Whats Android?? Android is an Operating system, there are 3 kind of major  Operating systems for Cell Phones. 1. iOS (installed on every Apple device) 2. Android on… Read More »Watan Chat mobile app

Whatsapp New Update

Following in the footsteps of Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook-owned WhatsApp today announced the launch of “Status,” a new feature that’s designed to let users share videos, photos, and GIFs that expire each day. The Status addition to WhatsApp is essentially… Read More »Whatsapp New Update

Lena Nersesian

She has already 230,000 followers, but that is not enough for “vlogger” Lena, she is desperate to get to a million and if she reaches this target, she has promised to record herself having sex with fellow vlogger Adam22. Oh… Read More »Lena Nersesian

Funny english

In a video that has gone viral on social networking site Facebook, a man is seen teaching his students the basics of English grammar in a rather hilarious manner. In the video, the teacher is seen chanting sentences in English,… Read More »Funny english

accidentally millionaire

Melbourne: An Australian man became an instant multi-millionaire after accidentally winning a lottery twice, the media reported on Tuesday. The man who hails from from Point Cook in Melbourne’s west, accidentally entered a Tattslotto draw twice on February 4 with… Read More »accidentally millionaire