afghan culture

Afghanistan culture

Afghanistan culture Afghanistan is a country culturally rich and diverse, there are about twelve tribes. Such as Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Nuristani, Pashai, Baloch, Arab, Brahui, and Kyrgyz. according to the data collected in the year 2011. The two… Read More »Afghanistan culture

afghan hijab

Afghan Hijab

Afghan Hijab Hijab is a head covering or a head to toe covering worn by Muslim women. when amongst men other than that of their immediate family members such as fathers, brothers, or husbands. During the Taliban regime, women in… Read More »Afghan Hijab

Afghan jewelery

Afghan jewelery plays an important role in the way in which Afghan women accessorize their traditional clothes. Without the stunning chunky Afghan jewelry. The traditional dress (Gandi Afghani) will look bare and incomplete like Romeo without Juliet. The Afghan jewelery… Read More »Afghan jewelery

Find Your Fit

You also need to know what a “good” fit actually looks like. Tailors vary in skill and in how they communicate the work they’re doing, so getting a suit adjusted is only going to deliver a good return if you… Read More »Find Your Fit