Watan Chat mobile app

Watan chat has released the First Mobile app for Android users !

Whats Android??
Android is an Operating system, there are 3 kind of major  Operating systems for Cell Phones.
1. iOS (installed on every Apple device)
2. Android on all Samsung and other major brands
3. Windows for cell phone (very uncommon)

So we are talking about Android app of Watan chat, if you are having a Samsung Phone any other similar device.
Then you can go to Google Play Store and search for Watan Chat and you can find our new app.

its still in development stages, soon we will add new options to it so as Turning and view Webcam and some other useful stuff

Alternetivly you can scan the following QR code with you Phone’s QR scanner and it will redirect you to the download link of Watan Chat mobile app  Google Play Store to download the Watan Chat Mobile app

Watan Chat mobile app

for app Policy you can Click here 

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