afghan election 2019

afghan election 2019

Afghan Election 2019

the first stage of afghan election 2019 has been ended.

there are still lots of more stages to go as the runners up team claimed that the election was not fair.
according to the results President Ashraf Ghani appears set to win a second term.
After preliminary election results showed he was on course to win a narrow majority.

He secured 50.64% of the vote in the September 28 election, officials said. The initial results were delayed amid protests and allegations of fraud.

Mr Ghani’s main rival, Dr Abdullah Abdullah, won 39.52% of the vote.

afghan election 2019

Hawa Alam Nooristani is the  chairwoman of Afghanistan election commission 2019.
The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan is the national electoral commission of Afghanistan.
which is responsible for administering and supervising elections and referendum under the Constitution of Afghanistan.
she has a tough job a head to look and remove the fake votes.
All the candidates are claiming that there are some fake votes, it happened in the past as well.

Final result may not be the same as the election commission is not done with their work.
So result may change the vote count but not the winner as Ashraf ghani is winning by a huge margin.
These are the difficult times for Afghanistan, and Afghan people went to polling stations for afghan election 2019.

although security was tight and there was some minor breaches but the election took place and results were also announced