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Afghan jewelery

Afghan jewelery plays an important role in the way in which Afghan women accessorize their traditional clothes.
Without the stunning chunky Afghan jewelry.
The traditional dress (Gandi Afghani) will look bare and incomplete like Romeo without Juliet.
The Afghan jewelery is not just popular among Afghans for its beauty.
It also has a captivating history that dates back to thousands of years and shadows the ancient routes that interlaced through Afghanistan.
Afghan traditional clothes and jewelery are originated from the Kuchis in Afghanistan. Kochis or Kuchis (from the Persian word: کوچ koch; meaning “migration”) are Afghan Pashtun nomads.
primarily from the Ghilji tribal confederacy.
They used to migrate or wander on borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In Pakistan they used to move towards Indus Valley and in the west they used to move towards Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
The Afghan Kuchi jewellery is distinguished on the basis of whether the pieces are made of costly materials, imported pieces, or made of beads.
The more expensive pieces of jewellery are generally created using precious and semiprecious stones worked in the metal and inlay settings by metal craftsmen in public workshops.

Afghan jewelery

The more expensive the Afghan jewelery, then it has most likely derived from the Afghan environment, it will have precious stones carved in which would be found in mountainous or riverine areas. Those types are generally worn on special occasions, while the less costly ornamenAfghan jeweleryts made from imported materials are worn on an everyday occasion.
The most distinguished Kuchi jewellery pieces are those that are worn by young women for special occasions like their Nikka (Muslim wedding or engagement celebration), because jewellery made of precious and semiprecious material are generally worn on those days.
More simpler jewellery that is worn by Afghan women every day in Afghanistan are made from cotton-stung Mora (beads) and coins also natural products such as cloves, nuts, and clay that are easily found locally in Afghanistan.

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