Afghanistan culture

afghan culture

Afghanistan culture

Afghanistan is a country culturally rich and diverse, there are about twelve tribes. Such as Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Nuristani, Pashai, Baloch, Arab, Brahui, and Kyrgyz. according to the data collected in the year 2011. The two national languages are Pashto and Dari. Bilingualism is very common in Afghanistan. Islam is the predominant culture practiced by at least 99.7 percent of the population which is about 37,135,635 according to a census collected in 2019.

afghan culture
Afghanistan culture

The diversity

is so obvious that no matter which part of the country you visit you see it in the cuisines, clothing, and celebrations.
One dish you will see commonly eaten by everyone is rice.
No matter what the dish maybe it’s always accompanied by rice. Food is always served communally on a vinyl or plastic tablecloth. The main national dish known also by the westerners is Qabli Palao also knows as “Kabuli pallaw”.
One thing you will always find in common in this country is the great hospitality.
A Gender gap is pretty obvious in Afghanistan.
women are responsible for the housework and men are the breadwinners of the household or the head of the household. Most marriages are arranged by the elders of the family.

Many families

continue to live under one roof even after the son gets married as it’s the responsibility of the sons of the family to take care of their parents. In cities like Kabul.
This cultural rule is starting to disappear as the influence of western culture is visibly practiced by the people of the capital city.
People enjoy their gatherings and always find an excuse to get together and devour good food and music. Almost every afghan you come across will tell you they speak Hindi as they grew up watching Indian movies.
Afghan Culture
1s January 2020