Traditional Afghanistan clothing for the afghan Women

Traditional Afghanistan clothing is, and has always been, unique with beautiful Afghani designs and colors.
The Style of Afghanistan Clothing during the king Zahir Shah government (in the 1950s) was much like western clothing during that time. When it was in fashion in the west, women in the capital city of Kabul were also wearing short sleeve shirts and mini skirts!

The traditional afghanistan clothing for Women in Afghanistan is really unique and beautiful. It is unique because of the well handmade embroidery and design. The dress is really long and made of cotton with a combination of different colors. The dress comes with a matching trouser, a head scarf, a purse and a flat pair of shoes called Paizar.

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The style of pure traditional Afghanistan clothing has changed during several decades of war and cultural invasions and influences of neighboring countries emerged in the region. Currently the normal clothing for women is mostly shirts with jeans, a Pakistani and Indian style dress and trouser called Panjabi along with its matching head scarf for covering the head. These two types of clothing that I just mentioned are mostly worn at home and in family gatherings but the formal office or governmental employees clothing may differ. Some women wear a costume made dress shirt along with long ankle length skirt with a head covering at work, while the other may wear a pair of nice back suit.

Women clothing for inside the house are usually a long knee length dress with a white, black or matching trouser which is mostly made of cotton and worn in summer. This is the basis of Afghanistan’s clothing for women. In the northern areas striped material is used, and often dyed red from madder or in shades of blue and brown. Loose sleeveless, hip-length jackets are worn in full-length striped coat for warmth as well.