Poem by-Khushal Khan-

Life’s no life when honor’s left; Man’s a man when honor’s kept. Nation’s honor and nation’s fame; On life they have a prior claim. With thoughts of these I do remain; Unvexed with cares of loss or pain.    … Read More »Poem by-Khushal Khan-

Armaan by -Sami-

ارمان . د وخت د پښو چاپ مي د خاطراتو د کتابچې څخه ټک واهه، ګرد د زمان لاسونه را ککړ کړه  .وقايه مي پورته کړه، اوله پاڼه مي راواړول. اولنی د ميني اظهار … لومړنی د ميني ليک د… Read More »Armaan by -Sami-

Pashtu Poem بهشتي يار

بهشتي يار دربانه د دوږخ پرې مي ږده باهر يوه لمحه دا د جنت خواهش به درته پرېږدمه ضامن زه د بهشتي يار ديدن ته ځم يوه لحظه  


Surprise! Surprise! Love, too, in the sense we understand it now, is not a universal human emotion. Even today it is not universal: some cultures are familiar with it and some are not. And, historically, only the last five hundred… Read More »Love??


If anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our sexual wanting will look, lift your face and say, Like this. When someone mentions the gracefulness of the nightsky, climb up on the roof and dance and say, Like… Read More »-Rumi-


مرګ يوه ورځ مرګ د يوه سړي کور ته راغی او وې ويل: ـ نن دي نوبت دی. سړی: مګر زه هيڅ نه يم آماده! مرګ: دلته زما په ليست کي راتلونکی نوم ستا دی. سړی: ښه، ته کښينه لږ… Read More »-Sami-