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Farhad Darya

Farhad Darya

Farhad Darya Farhad Darya is A singer, composer, activist and philanthropist, He has been the most influential musician in Afghanistan since the mid-80s, Farhad Darya was born in Kabul, Afghanistan to ethnic Pashtun parents (Ghilji tribe) he is the grandson… Read More »Farhad Darya

How to Get Started Into Chat Rooms

What Is Chat Room

How Is It Convenient For Users? What Is Chat Room? Millennials are provided with easy access to the internet, where they gain optimal assistance. It is convenient for you to get started with chat rooms for sharing your ideas and… Read More »What Is Chat Room

Afghanistan national cricket team

Afghanistan cricket team

Worldcup 2019 Afghanistan national cricket team recently ended its 2019 World Cup journey in  with a series of impressive performances, filling Afghans at home with joy. they ended up in 10th position, but even that was satisfying for Afghan cricket… Read More »Afghanistan cricket team

Watan Chat mobile app

Watan chat has released the First Mobile app for Android users ! Whats Android?? Android is an Operating system, there are 3 kind of major  Operating systems for Cell Phones. 1. iOS (installed on every Apple device) 2. Android on… Read More »Watan Chat mobile app