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I love You

A boy gave a challenge to his girlfriend to live a day without him. No communication at all, and told her if she passed it He will love her for ever. The girlfriend agreed and she didn’t contact him the whole day, no text message no call. without knowing  that …

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Kabul city Afghanistan’s Capital 2018

Kabul city is an ancient city with dramatic development in recent histories. The term Afghan began with the Durrani empire ruled by Pashtuns. Early 20 century saw Kabul’s modernization, and the city university produced many knowledgeable Afghans. this city was also on the Hippie trail. Soviet intervention in Kabul triggered …

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Watan Chat mobile app

Watan chat has released the First Mobile app for Android users ! Whats Android?? Android is an Operating system, there are 3 kind of major  Operating systems for Cell Phones. 1. iOS (installed on every Apple device) 2. Android on all Samsung and other major brands 3. Windows for cell …

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