Afghanistan on the path of history

Afghanistan on the Path of History is the only history of Afghanistan that has been written with open eyes and an awakened conscience. Worth portraying.

Mir Gholam Mohammad Ghobar, a patriotic historian and a militant figure of our country, endured many hardships and restrictions in order to leave this eternal work to the next generations, and tyrannical and traitorous rulers could not stop its distribution by confiscating this great work.

Now that history is repeating itself in a more horrific and disgraceful way in our homeland, and the American occupiers and their Afghan servants are propagandizing that only the United States and the so-called “international community” can lead the Afghan people to freedom, democracy and happiness. The brilliant struggle of our people for freedom against foreign aggressors and domestic tyrants is an urgent necessity.
Today, the United States and its mercenaries want our young generation to be alienated from their history, neutral and indifferent, but Mohsen Publications tries to play a role in raising the awareness of the youth of our homeland by digitizing and broadcasting “Afghanistan in the Path of History” and other precious works


What is in this file is provided to the interested parties online exactly from the scanned and downloaded printed text.
Thanks to the friends who volunteered to help us with this. And a heartfelt thanks to the greatness of Ghobar and Donya Ghobar for allowing the digital distribution of this book.


You can also read this book in nine parts as PDF files from the following address:

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If you are interested in Afghanistan History then I suggest you this book, its up to date and accurate

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