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Afghan Flash Chat, where you will meet and get to know Afghan compatriots from all over the globe.
Enjoy your chat at Afghanistan Chat Room because it is the new face of Afghan chatting.
Afghanistan Flash Chat Room

Afghan Flash Chat

We proudly launch the best Afghan Flash Chat service ever.
WatanChat. The only place where you can get to chat with different Afghans spread and dispersed in different parts of the world.

It is a new chat with all the best chat features for users to give them an enjoyable stay.
People from from all the provinces of Afghanistan no matter what language they speak can be found here.

Afghanistan Chat Room is not only for Afghans but also for each and every one of you who want to know more about our culture, languages, food, sports, hobbies, people and lotsa more. It is also a bridge to connect Afghans with the international community or vice versa.
So fasten your seat belt and start a new journey with your would be friends in the future. We are working to promote the true image of Afghans and Afghanistan, join us in this good cause and spread the word.Afghan Flash Chat
Bored at home? Don’t know what to do? No friends to hang out with?

Are you a couch potato and fed up with the boring TV programs?

Turn on your laptops or grab your mobiles and join us on Afghan Flash Chat Room to have fun and enjoy the company of interesting, funny and friendly Afghans!

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