Please read the Watan Chat Help files, it will make your job easy to understand and perform according to the rules If you still need Help. please contact one of our Super admins


AOP is short term of Auto Operator and AOP has the following access
  • Kick User.
  • Mute Users.
  • Unmute Users.
  • Warn Users.
  • Turn the Moderator mode ON.
  • Turn the Moderator mode OFF.
  • Can seen IP address of user
  • Can join Invisible
  • Can Add New Operators
  • Can remove Operators
  • Can add users in Voice/Speaker list
  • Can remove users from Voice/Speaker list
  • Can Ban user
  • Can Unban user
  • Can Add Admins
  • Can remove Admins
  • ☑ = He can do without asking.
  • ❗ = He need to discuss it with a super admin.
  • ❌ = He is not allowed to do.
  • Here are few important things which are absolutely not allowed
    • AN ADMIN CAN NEVER REVEAL IP OF ANY USER. That is strictly prohibited..
    • You are not allowed to have multiple nicks in Admin list.
    • Admins cannot add users in Speaker list i.e., Voiced List. They can contact some Super Admin and recommend the user to be voiced.
    • Admins cannot add an op; they are to contact a Super Admin and recommend the person for op.
    • Intimidating of users is strictly prohibited..
    • All users are mature so Admins are not teachers rather chat friends and may not ask users to behave unless they are cursing..
    • An Admin can never talk about an issue with an AOP on main page or in main room. He/She can talk privately with the OP..
    • If an admin has any problem with another admin or an op he or she can send an email to [email protected]. Actions will be taken immediately.
    • Noncompliance to any of the above rules may result in the suspension of the admin. If an admin sees any problem he or she can send an email to [email protected]. Action will be taken immediately.
    • Your help in room is always highly appreciated.
    • All suggestions from admins for the improvement of room are warmly welcome.
    Admins are expected to be online at least twice a week. Sitting invisible does not count in coming online. Chatting with another nick does not fulfill the requirement either. Admin nick must be active at least twice a week. If you are not able to come due to some personal issues i.e, Studies/personal activities, then please let us know.
    If you didn't show up twice a week you will be suspended for ONE week, and if you still didnt show up, then you will be removed 
    We have Lots of ways to solve the issues, For Example, talking to the user/warning/muting/kicking First we need to try solving the issue by talking if it didn't help, we can warn the user if it also failed, then we can mute/kick.
    • Bellow i am writing few example when to use the mute/kick options IF THE NEGOTIATION method failed
    • When a user is Spamming.
    • When a user is Flooding.
    • Abusing someone directly .
    • Fighting for No reason.
    • Inviting users to other rooms.
    • Sending Adult links.
    We dont kick users when they are talking a bit vulgar in friendly manners. below are some examples
    • Typing "WTF".
    • Having jokes with thier friends.
    • Typing "OMG you are GAY" or similar words.
    • This room is fucking boring".
    • Jokes between friends should be allows.
    • Fuck off, stfu, and similar to these slang should not be the reason of kicking someone.
    • Admins/Ops should not insults users by calling them Idiot, or Stupid, Ahmaq.
    • No direct kick by seeing an offensive nick, such as Kheshtak Ghar, Sex man, ETC, Ops and admins can ask
    • them polity yo change the nick, or the max they can get mute.
    • Be kind to new members, that's the only way we can get new users.
    • Ops and Admins should not challenge users, by telling them Destet khalas, Da qeset nestom ETC.

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